BORN: 9-3-1912
DIED: 1-25-1970
BURIAL: Section 28, Mount Peace Cemetery, Akron, Ohio

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Mom & Me, circa 1964
The daughter of Harry C. Guthrie and Grace L. Selzer. Sister of Faith Cross. Ruth married Edward M. Bogard I and they had three children, Louise Hafner, Evelyn Kessell and Edward M. Bogard II. Mom had a history of high blood pressure and a few years after the death of our father, she had a series of strokes in a period of two days, the last one killing her.

For her age, mom was "hip". She was an Elvis Presley fan in the 1960's when "older" women were not supposed to be that way. I remember how when she watched him on TV, she would pretend to faint on the sofa. I always laughed at that. She also enjoyed Liberace and his music and had many of his records. When the Beatles hit the US, she sat on the sofa with me and watched them on the Ed Sullivan Show. She was then a "Beatles Fan" too. I remember also dad sitting in his chair reading the newspaper as the Beatles' names came over the screen, when he saw Ringo Starr's name, He said,"Ringo? Oh my God!" Mom looked at him and simply said, "HUSH!" The Beatles did Ed Sullivan's show for three weeks and each Sunday night we would hurry and get the snacks ready and get into place on the sofa. As the other acts would take the stage, Mom would yell out, "Come on! Put the Beatles on!" I was a teenager and was, myself, involved in 3 differant bands. Mom always let me do my own thing and even let us guys use the attic for rehearsals. It was loud, but she seemed to enjoy it. She even financed my bands, the guitars, amps, 3-drum sets, mikes, PA system, the works! Mom had 8 grandchildren and she always had a wonderful time while babysitting with them. For a woman in her 50s, she never slowed down. I can't say enough about this woman. She spent her whole life giving and never once asked for a thing.

I remember an event that happened at our summer house in Cook Forest, Pa. in June of 1963. Mom had layed down on a hammock in the side yard and had a chocolite candy bar. She fell asleep and half of the candy bar was still in her hand. As I walked through the house and looked out of the window, There she was, asleep with a eight-point buck deer eatting the candy bar out of her hand. I called dad and we watched as the deer finished it, then slowly walked into the woods. Dad took a picture and mom couldn't believe it. Sadly, the picture was lost many years ago. I truely wish that I still had it.

Dad died in 1967. A year later, while we were at the house in Pa., mom was sitting in the back on a wooden bench. She was still grieving over his loss. Suddenly, a small bird came down onto the bench beside her, looked at her and chirped away. It stayed there for about two minutes and then took off. Mom came into the house smiling and said that it had been a sign that dad was ok. After that she seemed at ease. I don't know if that is why the bird landed there and I don't care. It made her feel much better.

Ruth circa 1932